I’ve been building, updating, and maintaining numerous projects and websites on the internet for nearly a decade. You can find me on twitter, github, and dribbble.

Managed Hosting

Setting up websites is what I do. I believe everyone should have a web presence, and have gotten quite good at getting people there fast. If you or your small business need a website online, I can help with that. Send an email to hosting@12px.io for more.

For examples, feel free to browse some of my current in-progress sites, PamelaHillNettleton.com or AshleyAdamsArt.com


Side Projects

I like to tinker and experiment with various things in my free time. Feel free to check out any of things I’m working on!

r/eddited – is a subreddit theme I’ve made and published to github. It’s flat and minimal, with a focus on readability and content.

morr.css – my first css micro-framework. Inspried by others, it aims to provide minimal structural styling to get a website started quickly and allow customization.

tacc.js – a js micro-library that only exists to add and remove classes from an element. Minimal, because sometimes that’s all you need.