For example, feel free to browse a current in-progress site,, more examples coming soon!


Chances are if you’ve made it thus far, you know you *want* a website – you just might not know what that entails.

That’s where I come in. Are you an author? Your site can host your published works, your blog, as well as all the necessities that a professional writer needs on their site. Are you an artist? Use your site to host your portfolio and sell your works. I can work with you to create the site that you need and that will work most efficiently for you and the consumer.

…so how much does it cost?

Pretty cheap, comparatively. Getting someone to build you a website from the ground up can cost thousands of dollars, and throws all kinds of ‘ifs’ into the equation that can leave you disappointed. I assemble sites and customize them from existing sources to make sure your site is done right, and reliably. It will cost roughly $300 to get your site online, with a recurring monthly fee after that. Feel free to get in touch, prices are negotiable!